Welcome to the Motown Showdown!

Friends and Fellow Dancers,

The 2016 Motown Showdown Dancesport Challenge is on its way!  For those of you that were able to attend last year’s event, I hope you return to see the added surprises planned for this year.  If you were not able to attend and think that this year may be a possibility, hold your hat because its going to be an amazing weekend filled with fun, excitement, surprises, and an energy that will send you through the roof!

I am very excited to announce that the Motown Showdown is now part of The Global Dancesport Series.  As the end of the Global Series season approaches, the Motown Showdown is an awesome opportunity to rake in those extra points while experiencing one of the most fun and exciting dance events of the year.

The Motown Showdown team and I look forward to seeing you once again!

Blake Kish