Thank You!

Dancers and Friends,

I'm just waking up from a whirlwind...

Last week I said a storm was coming to Detroit, and well -- It arrived last Thursday. The earth shook, music was blasting, people were screaming and moving all about, even running! Like every truly great storm they are always named. This storm was named The Motown Showdown.

The Motown Showdown is by the Dancer, and for the Dancer. It is truly my pleasure to provide a competition experience bar none. But none of this would be -- not without each and every single one of you. The teachers, the amateur dancers, the Motown team, the spectators, the professional competitors. If I had every single person in front of me right this minute, I would shake your hand, give you the biggest hug, and look deep into your eyes and I would say Thank You. YOU make MOTOWN!!!


Once again, thank you all very much for your support, and I look forward to an even bigger and better event next year!

Blake Kish

Results have been posted and are available HERE